Celebrate Earth Day at the Sacred Yurt


Earth Day Healing Rhythms

A Rhythmic Healing Circle

Facilitated by: Jeffrey S. Thompson

Date: Sunday, April 23

Time: 2pm -3:30pm (arrive by 1:55pm)

Cost: $15

Pre-registration Required – Space is limited

Register by calling 609-513-9453

Healing Rhythms is a circle where participants can explore, experience and journey to incredible heights with sound, accompanied by a drum.  Healing Rhythms is not a traditional drum circle, it is an experience where participants join together through intention, guidance and sound to receive and offer healing through the drum.  Each circle combines partnered exercises, solo experiences and connections to spirit in the form of healing. 

Healing Rhythms is originated by Al Romao and is shamanic in its structure, but no shamanic experience is required, all levels of experience in drumming and journeying are welcome.

WHAT TO BRING: A Drum/rattle (or make arrangements to use one of ours), something comfortable to sit on, a bottle of water and journal/pen.

Yurt Etiquette:
  • Always arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • No cellphones or other electronic devices in the yurt
  • Leave your shoes at the door (weather permitting)
  • Do not handle any altar items or instruments without permission
  • What happens in the yurt, stays in the yurt



A Guided Journey Back to your Divine Purpose

Facilitated by: JeffreyIMG_20170307_082507_842
Date: Saturday, April 8th
Time: 11am – 12:15pm
Cost: $15

Pre-registration Required
Register by calling 609-513-9453

Address provided upon registration.

Length of class: 75 min.

Guided Journeys are great for those who are challenged by traditional meditation techniques, but are still seeking a way to quiet the roving mind and bring in self care & self awareness. Soul Remembering carries you via shamanic drumming or crystal singing bowls to a place before you were born to help you remember why you chose to incarnate here.  No two sessions are ever the same. There is always more to be revealed through every journey.  Come tend to the care of your soul in our traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) in South Jersey and allow yourself to be transported to a place out of time, space & mind.


“In soul remembering I am taken back to a place before a person was born and shown his or her true essence-the beauty he came into the world with…the gifts, talents and strengths she came into the world to manifest.  Our original true essence is forgotten and replaced by the projections put upon us by family, peers and authority figures.  So I help people remember who they truly are instead of who they were told they are.” -Sandra Ingerman from “Soul Retrieval-Mending the Fragmented Soul”  

WHAT TO BRING: A mat or blanket & pillow, a bottle of water and journal/pen

Yurt Etiquette:

  • Always arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • No cellphones or other electronic devices in the yurt
  • Leave your shoes at the door (weather permitting)
  • Do not handle any altar items or instruments without permission
  • What happens in the yurt, stays in the yurt

Integrity in the healing process

“Integrity in the healing process can be the friend you never knew you needed and didn’t have.  I have discovered it is an intimate relationship between body and soul, the chord or bridge that brings them into alignment.  You might think it is love, compassion, or just the desire to heal, but there are moments when my sadness is so great there is no love left.  When my doubt in the world becomes the high tide that feeds the picsart_06-04-10-48-59well of doubt in myself, when my fear in failure paralyzes me and I end up choosing the familiar exhaustion of not doing anything, rather than pioneering my own healing path, it is the strength of integrity I had been missing in my healing.

I realized I needed to sit with this word, read its definition over and over, breathe it in until I could embody what integrity means to me in my own healing process.  It is about showing up for your Self when you want to hide under the covers.  It is about doing the work every day. So when you feel like there is no love, when you feel distracted, and falling into despair, resisting change, welcome Integrity in your life.  It is the strength of showing up to do what is right to make you whole again.”    -Heather Mulvennna

Written by my friend Heather when asked how she continues to show up for her own healing and  spiritual practice, especially  on those days when she’d rather not get out of bed…because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there, but the only way to move forward is to make the commitment to yourself to show up.    


The Healer’s Toolbox: Healing with Stones & Crystals

The Healer’s Toolbox: Healing with Stones & Crystals

Saturday, March 11, 2017

12:00 PM to 2:15 PM – Arrive 5-10 minutes early.  Doors lock at noon.

Price: $25.00 per person
RSVP at 609-513-9453
This is a new series of experiential workshops at the Sacred Yurt, we will be introducing you to basic shamanic healing tools and techniques that you can use for your personal healing, as well as techniques you can share with friends and family. In the Healing Stones and Crystals workshop, you will be gifted a healing gemstone, taught how to awaken it, how to determine the type of medicine (healing energy) it carries, how to care for it and how to use it in your personal practice.  Each workshop in this series will feature a different healing stone or crystal for you to add to your Healer’s Toolbox. 
Sliding scale available for financial hardship. Contact Jeffrey at 609-513-9453 in advance to make arrangements.
Bring a drum or rattle, backjack or cushion, notebook/pen and a bottle of water.
Call for directions. 

The Shamanic Path

“The shamanic path is the path of the heart and the soul.  It is a path of beauty, wholeness, sacred living, oneness and connectedness with all things and non-things, awareness, mindfulness, respect, honor, and gratitude.  It’s a path of extraordinary moments when Nature and Spirit speak more clearly than the racket of our mental chatter and we stop everything for that moment and take notice, listening and feeling the message.  It is a path where the central focus of life is creating balance, harmony, impeccability, and wholeness.  It is a path that requires integrity and honesty – with one’s self and others.  The shamanic path is a loving, healing path that invites all, while being a truth-revealing path, turning away initiates not yet ready to face the awesome truth of reality.  For those who will continually accept the challenge, typically a daily choice, I invite you into the sacred circle of personal shamanic practitioners; a circle where healing, growth, change and transformation are constants and miracles happen.” – taken from “The Hollow Bone: A Field Guide to Shamanism” by Colleen Deatsman