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Creating a Daily Practice

A 3 Part Introduction into Shamanism

6/26 Creating an Altar & Sacred Space
7/24 Prayer work and Protection
8/28 Entering the Spirit Worlds
Time: 7-9pm

$35 per Class or $90 for the series paid in full by 6/26

Pre-Registration is Required.
Register by calling: 609-513-9453

Ideal for beginners, but also a great refresher and community connector
for those with all levels of experience and from all healing backgrounds.

ALSO STAY TUNED: This September we will be offering 7 Part Immersion Course taking you deep into the 7 directions that will run to early December.  Call for details.


Creating Altars & Sacred Space

Part One of Creating a Daily Practice Series

Date: Monday, June 26th
Time: 7-9:00pm (arrive by 6:50pm)
Facilitated by: Shana & Jeffrey
Cost: $35 per class* or
$90 for all 3 classes if paid in full by 6/26


Pre-registration Required. 


We have had many requests from our community about how to begin a home practice.  The Creating a Daily Practice 3 Part Summer Series at the Sacred Yurt will break the basics down into easy to digest pieces to help you more confidently walk your sacred path.

Part I – Creating Altars & Sacred Space will give you an understanding as to why we create altars and shrines, who we build them for and the many different types of altars you can begin creating right away.  We will focus specifically on creating your own sacred bundle that can be used not only as a portable altar, but also as a tool for personal power and healing.  We will also be teaching you how to create sacred space, establish boundaries and open a sacred circle by calling in the directions.  This workshop will include experiential journey work, so bring your drum or rattle (if you don’t have one, you can borrow or purchase one of our handmade gourd rattles).    


  • a cushion, back jack or camp chair
  • a bottle of water
  • a notebook/pen
  • wear comfortable layers 


  • a drum and/or rattle
  • a cloth for the altar (large enough to bundle the items below)
  • a stone, rock or crystal (no bigger than palm size)
  • a seashell that can hold a small amount of water
  • a feather or bird item (picture, bone, statue)
  • a candle holder (votive size works best)
  • your most sacred item   

Register by calling 609-513-9453 

*Please note: You may take only one or two classes out of this 3 part series if you prefer to pick and choose; however preference will first be given to those registering for the full series, and in order to take our advanced shamanic courses in the future this basic foundational series will be a requirement course, as well as the Seven Directions Series starting in September 2017.

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Yurt Etiquette:
  • Always arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • No cellphones or other electronic devices in the yurt
  • Leave your shoes at the door (weather permitting)
  • Do not handle any altar items or instruments without permission
  • What happens in the yurt, stays in the yurt