Yoga Nidra



Yogic Sleep

The practice of Yoga Nidra (literally translated as “Yogic Sleep”) has been used for centuries as a way to access the unconscious and hear from the higher self. Great saddhus, or spiritual men of India, used this practice when they were unable to get the answers to their deep questions through their regular meditation practice. The full 35-38 minute meditation is completed in the “savasana” posture, also known as corpse pose, which is essentially laying on the back with palms to face the sky. We focus first on completely relaxing the entire body, and then bringing awareness to the breath. Using a progressive relaxation technique, the practitioner is then provided with silent time to listen for the inner voice. Some may not necessarily hear any audible voice, but may receive some message from their higher self, a loved one, or the Divine source, to name a few. Others may experience visions, or feelings, sort of in a dream-like state. The practice will differ for everyone. The idea is to achieve a state that is between wake and sleep, in a setting where the body is completely relaxed and can therefore be “detached” from. It is essentially a deep form of semi-guided meditation.

Please bring:
-At least one thin pillow. One is for under the head, one possibly under the heels.
-A shawl or small throw blanket to cover your body
-A yoga mat or an additional throw blanket to lay on
(If possible, it is preferable for all of these comfort items to be made of natural materials such as cotton)
– Optional: a journal and pen to write about your experience afterward 

Yurt Etiquette:

  • Always arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • No cellphones or other electronic devices in the yurt
  • Leave your shoes at the door (weather permitting)
  • Do not handle any altar items or instruments without permission
  • What happens in the yurt, stays in the yurt